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Childbirth Preparation Methods: Lamaze


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Most people think of it as a “breathing technique” that helps women during labor and delivery. However, Lamaze is much more than that. Through the years, this childbirth education method as evolved into a philosophy that builds women’s confidence and prepares them for pregnancy and birth. So, what are the main principles of Lamaze? And what can you expect to happen during a Lamaze class?

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Sigrid Nelsson-Ryan, Retired Childbirth Educator (Lamaze)

Sigrid Nelsson-Ryan has spent her career helping women achieve their birth and breastfeeding goals. For about 40 years, Sigrid taught Lamaze classes, and to this day, she still volunteers by teaching Lamaze to Marines and Navy personnel. Her resume is quite impressive, having credits to her name such as registered nurse, international board certified lactation consultant and certified doula. Sigrid’s work is well-respected and admired within San Diego’s birthing community.


Sunny Gault (Host)
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Stephanie Saalfeld
Due Date: January 9, 2013
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Birth Plan: Unmedicated Hospital Birth
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