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Childbirth Preparation Methods: Hypnobabies


From the Series: Childbirth Preparation Methods

Today’s expecting mothers are much more proactive in their approach to childbirth preparation, and that’s one reason why Hypnobabies has become so popular. What exactly is Hypnobabies and how does it differ from Hypnobirthing? What does it take to become successful in using this technique? Plus, is it really possible to have a “pain-free” birth?

Our Expert

Cassie Friesen, Hynobabies Mom and Instructor

Cassie has a degree in Human Development and has always been fascinated by the various stages we pass through in life, as well as how our experiences shape us. She discovered Hypnobabies as she was preparing for her daughter’s birth and knew it was the program for her. After comparing it with the other programs out there, she found that Hypnobabies was the only one that consistently had positive reviews and a great success rate. Using Hypnobabies was one of the best decisions she’s ever made! Preparing for her ‘birthing time’ truly was relaxing, empowering and educational. But it wasn’t until her daughter was born easily and *pain-free* into this world that her entire life changed. Her goal as a Hypnobabies instructor is to teach women to use hypnosis effectively in order to welcome their babies into our world peacefully and bring joy back into birthing. Follow Cassie on Facebook and Twitter.


Sunny Gault (Host)
Children: Sayer (2010)
Urban (2012)

Rachel Gonzales
Due Date: April 10, 2013
Baby Gender: Unknown
Birth Plan: Homebirth
Children: Boy (2010)

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