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Sleep During Pregnancy: Mental and Emotional Changes

We continue to explore the importance of sleep during pregnancy, with a look at how sleep improves your mental and emotional health. What are some common signs of sleep deprivation and what impact can it have on both mom and baby?


What to Expect When Your Water Breaks

It looks so dramatic in the television shows and movies, but what really happens when your water breaks? What if it never breaks on it’s own? Plus, important information to share with your medical care provider to ensure both mom and baby are not in danger.


10 Pregnancy Questions (You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask)

Ok, mamas! It’s time to get real about pregnancy and childbirth. What burning questions are you too embarrassed to ask your care provider? Go head, ask us!

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Taking a Break from Trying to Conceive, Preggie Pals Blog

Taking a Break from Trying (to Conceive)

Trying to get pregnant can take a toll on a woman and a couple. Sometimes a break is necessary and very healing.

No Gift Policy Among Parents, Preggie Pals Blog

The “No Gift” Policy Among Parents

Should you give in to the desire to ask your guests not to bring gifts to your child’s birthday party? I don’t like the no-gift-policy, but I recently found a few compromises.

Inspiration for Birth, Preggie Pals Blog

Unexpected (and Funny) Sources of Inspiration for Birth

Unexpected sources of inspiration for birth that helped me with my easy unmedicated birth. And they also made me giggle a little every time I used them.

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Juno Blu Pump Bag

Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag

This line of fashion forward handbags for carrying the breast pump is designed for the Unsung Hero, MOM!

Wiley's Fish Oil, Product Review

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil

Get your Omega-3s in a liquid! Our all natural, rich orange color liquid is reflective of the Wild Alaskan Pollock diet.

MilkCharm, Product Review


This innovative dial that helps you easily label, track, and organize your breast milk supply. No more tape and pen and no more sticky notes!

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Do you have a pregnancy question? Ask the Experts! Call our voicemail at (619) 866-4775 and leave us a message, or send us an email. Choose which expert you want to answer your question, and we'll post the answer in an upcoming episode!

Nikki Helms, Expert
Nikki Helms

Childbirth Educator

Julie Vallese, Expert
Julie Vallese

Child Safety

Preggie Pals, Sean Daneshmand
Sean Daneshmand

OB/GYN, High Risk

Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz, Expert
Rose deVigne-Jackiewicz


Leigh-Ann Webster, Preggie Pals Expert
Leigh-Ann Webster

Fitness and Nutrition

Tyson Perez, Chiropractor
Tyson Perez

Pediatric Chiropractor

Preggie Pals, Susie Walton
Susie Walton

Child Development

Jennifer Schere, Preggie Pals Expert
Jennifer Schere

Psychologist, Moms

Joanna Clark, Expert
Joanna Clark

Baby Sleep

Scott Koenig, Expert
Scott Koenig

Family Psychologist

Deb Pontillo, Expert
Deb Pontillo

Child Psychologist

Robin Kaplan, Expert
Robin Kaplan